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Tomato- is it a fruit or a vegetable?


Tomato- is it a fruit or a vegetable?

The controversy about tomatoes is long standing. Is Tomato a fruit or a vegetable has been debated for long, and it still remains a debate.

One school of thought says, since tomatoes have seeds, it is to be considered as a fruit, however consumers have always considered Tomatoes as vegetable, hence it remains so.After all Consumers are Kings, so whatever they say goes.

Anyway, whether Tomato is a fruit or vegetable, it has numerous benefits.

Science says Tomatoes are an excellent food to reverse Diabetes. So all those on Diabetic diet should ensure that they have an intake of tomato daily.

Tomatoes are nutrient rich food, containing a unique phytochemical compound Lycopene, a rich flavonoid antioxidant, which in combination with carotenoid, helps in protection of human cells from oxygen free radicals.

Another Flavonoid compound found abundantly in Tomatoes is Zeaxanthin which protects the eyes from age related Macular disease (ARMD)

Another important nutrient found in Tomatoes is Alpha-tomatin, and this nutrient is extremely beneficial in preventing prostate cancer.

Tomatoes reverse the damage caused by smoking.

Tomatoes aids digestion and prevents constipation.

Drinking Tomato juice daily improves the appearance & texture of hair.

Tomatoes also fight acne and prevent damage to skin cells.

Tomatoes help to maintain healthy bone by providing calcium to the bones, and also mainly due to its rich anti-oxidant properties.

The lycopene found in tomatoes restores biochemical balance in Diabetics.

Tomatoes strengthens the Immune System.

Diets rich in tomatoes help in preventing stroke due to the nutrient lycopene.

Tomatoes improve the metabolism of the body due to its ability to stimulate the production of amino acid carnitine which aids in burning of fat.

The phytonutrients beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, help improve vision.

So, make tomato your friend. Develop a liking for tomatoes. Add them to your salads, sauces and sandwiches. There are umpteen ways in which you can add tomatoes to your diet.

Tomatoes can be eaten raw, cooked, as a complementary food, as a solo food, when you are hungry. It not only adds taste to your food, but also adds colour, and a load of nutrients, apart from being low in calories.


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