Small Kitchen design


There was a time when people were lost in their kitchen with lots of space with cooking, chopping and with sores. But as time passed by the area of house decreased, people started living within confined space just enough for fewer movements. Now a day’s people prefer to move out for their food rather than messing up their small houses with unutilized materials left while cooking. Yes, the living space has decreased but our ideas and creativity is not confined. Hence, we can use our creativity to design small kitchens.

Small Kitchen design

We can plan for a small but beautiful kitchen at the corners of the room. Just keep a solid base to keep the cooking utensils and other necessary items. You can use the space under the solid base for keeping the eatables, spices and other extremely necessary items. One can use induction cookers for smokeless cooking. The corners of your room are always left out, so use the corners of your room well.

Keep it separated:

You always have the scope to completely demarcate your area with a small door,so that other people think it as the end of the room. But at times you can open up the door to cook your favorite food. It helps you to keep your house look clean and stylish, hiding the dirtiness created due to cooking.


By using solid and strong metallic glasses not only make the cook feel happy with his image on the glasses but also helps in making the kitchen look bigger. Designed and polished glasses will boost your kitchen with extra style and pump.The glass should not be usedd to an extent that your kitchen look not like a glasshouse. More use of glass will make you more conscious as you will be reflected from each angle.

Paint It Right :

Paint It Right

It is really necessary to paint your kitchen with really soothing and attractive colors. If you are really hard working then you can go with white color, as lots of maintenance has to be undergone to make it look clean. Color combination is better option because it provides with abundance to select from and helping you to mix it. It is really nice if the coloring is not complicated it should be kept uniform.

Near wash basin:

Your kitchen should be kept near a wash basin , that helps you in collecting water at your convenience. From the point of view of the cleaning of utensils, a wash basin will serve you a lot. Kindly see that the wash basin is provided with proper drainage system to avoid forming of little pools inside the kitchen.

Storage space:

The storage of the kitchen items should be elegantly designed.Nowadays, it is not difficult to organise the storage space, with intelligent storage boxes from Tupperware.It not only looks smart and elegant, but keeps the food fresher as well.

Look at the video, and see right at the begining, how well organised the kitchen is.This may perhaps inspire you to organise things around in your own preferred way as per your need and budget


Your kitchen might be small but it should be designed with elegance for beauty and easy use.

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