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Importance of Eye Care

Oh, the sweet old days of 70`s & 80`s, when  the maximum the eyes had to do was read.And we had lots of time to take care of our eyes.Enough time to sleep. Sleep is the best way for body cells to repair themselves and then work to the optimum.

Fast forward to 90`s & the twenty first century.Technology has grabbed the best part of these years.However this has taken its toll on the youth.

Well here are a few tips tested & experimented by me .

  • For a good night`s sleep, dab castor oil on the upper eyelids last thing in the night before you sleep , and when you get up you will find yourself refreshed with the quality of sleep you had.

   CAUTION : Do  not overdo this Just once in 24 hours is fine.EYE CARE

      Added benefit: After a week, the dark circles will disappear.

  • If you have dry eyes, take the crystal salt, dissolve in warm water, strain, use this to wash your eyes.Feel the difference in three days time.Better still , prepare this water & use like eye drops.Can be done as many times as you are comfortable.

This works  better than any tear drops as eyes have natural salty water, and this salt water solution lubricates the eyes.


Do not use the now available iodized salt or any other salt.  Iodized salt is simply chemicals and may harm the eyes. Only use the crystal salt, which has the real minerals and is closest to the tears in the eyes.

  Other Tips:

  • Adhere to  the 7 hour sleep in the night.
  • Ensure that all eye make up is washed off.
  • Wear glares when out in the sun.
  • Give 5 minutes of rest after20 minutes of computer usage.
  • Get regular eye check ups done.
  • Keep contact lens usage to the minimum, preferably only for parties.
  • Do not shy from wearing spectacles, as atleast your  eyes are not deprived of oxygen.

Disclaimer: The content is the personal experience of the blog writer, not to be used as medical advice.



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