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Eating the right food is important for our body to function at its optimum best. The food that we eat is the much needed fuel for the body. Eating wrong food and overeating, both are harmful and because the body discomfort such as indigestion, reflux, heartburn, and constipation.

We need to be eating simply. Most meals consist of huge quantities of a beverage (usually soda or milk), then a main course (meat: either white or red meat), side dishes (rice, pasta and potatoes), vegetable, probably some bread and then a dessert (if u are lucky). If we break out each individual piece, you can see that we are asking the body to digest a wide range of foods, all at one time. First there is the soda (also known as massive sugar) or the dairy (Lactose); then meat (protein), then the carbohydrates (rice and potatoes), vegetables (carbohydrates), bread (carbohydrates) and the dessert (back to sugar again).

Is it any wonder that we become tired after eating a “normal” meal? This is simply too much food and too many different types of food for our body to digest efficiently. It is our duty to eat sensibly, and ensure that the right amount of minerals, vital nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids and protein are provided to the body.

Steps to create better health in your body:

  1. Avoid drinking water or beverage with the meal… This is because it dilutes your body’s digestive juices and makes it even more difficult to digest your food. If you are a big liquid drinker during meals, first, switch to water. Then work on cutting down the amount. Over a month or two, you will find that you feel better and you can get to the place where you can totally eliminate it.
  2. Eliminate the “bread” portion of your meal. There is no reason (other than we’ve developed the habit) of having bread, If your main course is spaghetti, you don’t need a roll or breadstick to go along with that….especially if you’re slathering butter all over it (yet one more thing that the body has to digest!)
  3. Increase veggies at EVERY meal. Vegetables contain enzymes that help digestion and the more of them you consume the better for your body and the easier time it will have digesting your meal.
  4. Try to limit the types of food you are eating to just being about 3. In other words, have 1 type of protein (meat, eggs OR beans), have several types of vegetables and then maybe a starch (like or potatoes) Include salad in your meals.

Remember to try to eat as simply as possible for your health. Your digestion will become easier, your body will feel better, you’ll have more energy and those of you that need to lose weight will find that it comes off easier when you simplify what you’re eating!


Do your body a favour by implementing Salads in your meal.

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Garden Salad fruit salad

Fresh Garden Salad
Fresh Garden Salad

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