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Last Saturday, being a weekly off, I had gone shopping after having made snacks for the evening for my family. Due to the tempting sales all around, I arrived home late by 8:00 pm and oh my Gosh; there was dinner to be prepared. I had had an exhilarating but tiring day, and I was in no mood to enter the kitchen.

My husband suggested that as an exception I order food from the nearby 5 star restaurant, or maybe I would like to go for a surprise dinner. I refused as I am a health freak and do not touch restaurant food, except perhaps for an ice cream. I checked the food items available and the refrigerator and realized that only chapattis were ready, so I decided to team them up with a sabzi and perhaps a chicken salad tossed in pepper and lime.


And then my eyes fell on the gift packet that I had received just last week. It was a Gits Complementary box, sent to me through courier, as sometime back, I had unwittingly registered for theFBAI  review box. At the time, I had kept it aside, with the thought, “looks good from outside, don`t know how it will be and possibly contains a lot many preservatives. As a rule I don`t touch even readymade masalas, leave alone ready to eat meals. But that particular day, I took a quick look at the contents of one of the packets which happened to be Dal Makhani.To my surprise, the contents were all that are normally used in an Indian kitchen, and I recognized each and every ingredient. I looked at the packet all over again, and found the details “NO PRESERVATIVE”. Now this was a real challenge that I couldn`t resist, so I decided to make the dal.

I followed instruction given on the packet removed it in a vessel, heated it and added a blob of ghee and garnished it with little coriander. Quickly I prepared rice and since the dal was looking so amazingly tempting, I shelved the idea of preparing chicken salad & sabji.In flat 5 minutes, I had the dal ready and it took me another 10 mins to serve the dinner. I served the dal with rice, chapatti and papad. It was an instant hit and we all had a satisfying dinner. My husband and kids enjoyed the meal and to top it all we had enough time to go out for an ice-cream.


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